O.two.o Brow Soap

O.two.o Brow Soap - MOFAI

O.two.o Brow Soap

السعر العادي LE 276.00 سعر الخصم LE 227.00 وفرت 18%
  • توصيل سريع
  • الدفع الامن
  • متوفر بالخزن، جاهز للشحن
  • المنتج في الطريق للوصول
كل الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

Get ready to use O.two.o Brow Soap to get the carved, ombre brows that gradually started to make the way for something a little more feathery and naturaly . With a laidback appeal that still feels dressy and professional as the feathery brow look is pretty much universally flattering now.


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