Mengsiqi Green Mask Stick

Mengsiqi Green Mask Stick - MOFAI

Mengsiqi Green Mask Stick

السعر العادي LE 153.00 سعر الخصم LE 99.00 وفرت 35%
  • توصيل سريع
  • الدفع الامن
  • متوفر بالخزن، جاهز للشحن
  • المنتج في الطريق للوصول
كل الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

Mengsiqi Green Mask Stick with the rotating head convenient to be used easly with clean hands. designed to give a fine and smooth texture and easy to spread and apply. The green tea solid cleaning mask contains extract green tea , which can effectively cleans up skin dirt deeply , refreshnig and balance the skin’s water and oil .

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