Juzour Botanica Sandal wood Oil 15ml

Juzour Botanica Sandal wood Oil 15ml - MOFAI

Juzour Botanica Sandal wood Oil 15ml

السعر العادي LE 250.00 سعر الخصم LE 140.00 وفرت 44%
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  • الدفع الامن
  • متوفر كمية قليلة - 3 قطعة متبقية
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كل الأسعار شاملة الضريبة


Whether you’ve been doing yoga forever or don’t know pranayama from halasana, you will definitely benefit from using the French Sandalwood in this bottle at your yoga class.

Using this at the start of a yoga session would make it easier to bring consciousness into the moment and foster inner peace to banish hectic thoughts and distractions.

Size: 15mL

Packaging: Glass Bottle #eco_conscious

Place a drop or two of Juzour Botanica’s French Sandalwood Oil in one palm of your hand then rub both your palms together to warm and activate the oil, cup your hands over your face and take a deep inhalation through the nose. Release the hands to exhale, then repeat two or three more times.

You may alse:

Use a diffuser: a diffuser disperses the scent of an essential oil into the air so you can receive the benefits while you practice

Create an essential oil spray: If you’re looking for a short-term boost of aromatherapy scents, you can create an essential oil spray to mist the air before or during your yoga practice.

Apply to your body: essential oils can be applied directly to your body after diluting with a carrier oil. Popular locations to apply essential oils for yoga is on the wrist, the neck, behind the ears, the temples, or the crown of the head.

Caution: avoid getting essential oils on your mat since they can degrade the material and reduce the stickiness. Make sure not to apply to any parts of your body that will touch the mat.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

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